Disinfectant Stand

Tork Hygiene Stand provides hand hygiene and facial tissues in hand and reminds your employees of hand hygiene.

  • Provides the hygiene solutions you need in the heart of your office environment
  • Show your employees that you care about their well-being
  • Stylish design that fits perfectly in a modern office environment
  • Works with both Tork Image Design™ and Elevation Line distributors
  • Suitable for both manual and sensor dispensers

Floor Stand

Stylish dispenser stands to help promote hand sanitizer.

Where to use: It is ideal for use in any work environment or public space where higher levels of hand hygiene are required.

  • Easy to install: only three main parts (including installation tools)
  • Optional sign: Easily customize the title with your message or logos (template provided in Features and Benefits)
  • Solid metal structure: Durable coating to protect against wear and tear.
  • Low profile base to maximize balance
  • Use the included silver metal catch tray or black/white catch trays (sold separately)

Hygiene-Disinfectant Stand

It is not possible to protect human health without taking any precautions in places like schools, factories, hospitals, office spaces, shopping malls, theatres, cinemas etc. where human circulation is intense. WCs in these places consist of restricted areas that can only be used by the visitors for toilet needs. Therefore, it is not possible for everyone in these places to provide hand hygiene using WCs.

It is possible to prevent the spread of many infectious diseases such as influenza, corona (covid-19) by ensuring the maximum level of hand hygiene, thanks to the disinfectant stands to be placed at the visible points within the facility.

Features To Be Found In The Disinfectant Stand

Disinfectant stands must have a look and design that can attract the attention of those in the priority environment. In addition, it is easily portable, allowing it to be transported to densely populated areas. The materials to be used in the disinfectant stand must also be hygienic. It is also very important that its surface is easy to clean.

Is the Disinfectant Stand a Legal Obligation?

Employers are obliged to take occupational hygiene and occupational health and safety precautions in accordance with the relevant articles of the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 and within this context, they must provide personal protective equipment and materials. In case of deficiencies in this issue, punitive sanctions are applied.

Our stand/dispenser, which is compatible with hand and skin disinfectants, is sent with either a liter Actoderm disinfectant or an empty one liter bottle and pump. It is designed to be positioned at the entrances of businesses to provide complete protection against viruses and bacteria. It is suitable to work with close contact.

As with medical staff, adequate hand hygiene is an important measure to protect patients and visitors from infections. Disinfectant dispensers placed in highly noticeable spots increase awareness of sustainable hand hygiene. OPHARDT Hygiene offers various hygiene stations and disinfection stands for this application area.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Hygiene stations and disinfection stands are ideal for frequently used environments (eg. Entrance areas)
  • Solid feet provide safe work
  • Mobile dispensers make accurate positioning easy
  • Quick and easy commissioning
  • Optional stickers and stands to promote hand hygiene