Event/Kiosk Stands

Kiosk-style projects are the most popular areas for those who want to invest. Our company has made many Kiosk Stand applications in various shopping malls and has received a lot of appreciation. We offer you the best with designs that belong entirely to our own team and models with high creative power. Along with the production of kiosk, the installation is carried out by our company experts at the use location.

What is a Kiosk Stand: Event stands that emphasize Product/Brand interaction are the most preferred stand models in today’s congresses, shopping mall events, openings and seminars.

Kiosk Stand Designs: As Kiosk Stand Brand/Product has special applications, the design work may vary depending on the location and the customer mass.

Kiosk Solutions Specific To Your Project: It is very important that the Kiosk Stand model, which will be designed for the event, serves its purpose. We have hundreds of different design solutions specific to the project.

Kiosk Stand Installation & Setup

If the installation will not be done by us in out-of-town activities, Kiosk Stand can be prepared in disassembled form and made easy to install. The material to be used for the Kiosk stand after the design phase is determined depending on its long and short-term use. Materials with wood, plexy and metal alternatives can be used.