Plastic Injection Stands

Injection stand are the stands that are formed as a result of the plastic injected into steel moulds and then taking the shape of that mould. Due to their durability, easy shipping and cost advantages, they are advantageous stands in product display stands. Unlimited designs can be made if the injection moulds are produced from scratch for the project. Most of the plastic materials we use in our daily life are produced by injection mould method.

Injection Stand Manufacturing

Plastic injection moulds are produced for injection stand manufacturing. These very costly moulds are suitable for high quantity productions. Decision should be made by comparing the production speed, transportation advantage and decrease in labour costs with mould costs. The mould or moulds produced according to the desired design are connected to the plastic injection machine and liquefied plastic is injected into them. When the plastic material that takes the shape of the mould cools down, the desired product is ready. It is the product sizes and the moving parts working inside the mould that are decisive in the mould costs. As these parts increase, mould costs increase. Turning to simpler designs is important at this point. The revision processes of injection moulds after production are costly and difficult. It is useful to take a sample of the desired stand from a 3D printer before making the mould.