Plexy Stand

Plexy stands are frequently used, upper segment stand types that help to display the products at the point of sale. They are materials with different thicknesses and available in 2/3/4/5..mm, opaque white/opaque coloured and coloured transparent forms. Stands put together with CNC / laser cutting, saw cutting, drilling, gluing, screwing and joint systems create maximum effect with material quality. They are sent installed.

Plexy stand types are diversified as table top, footed, drone and shelf arrangement stands according to the usage.

Table top plexy stands are the stands that help display the products in front of the cash register. It falls into the stand category used generally in pharmacies. In general, OTC drug stands are exhibited with Plexy table/over-the-counter stands.

Shelf separator or shelf organizer stands are made of Plexy material with an aesthetic visual design in order to be more distinguishable from other brands and draw more attention on the shelves. This shelf separator extending out of the shelf on the market shelves, increases the effect at a high level.

Its use on a sectorial basis is quite different. Plexy stands, where many products such as cosmetics, medicine, natural products, jewellery are exhibited, also provide the opportunity to produce small quantities without the need for mold production. Especially the packaging of Plexy stands should be done precisely.

Plexy Stand products offer a very practical use for expo events, various promotions and product display needs. Our company provides creative and the most modern solutions for Envoystand Plexy Stand, with all the features you want.

Plexy products are preferred by many people and companies due to both the lightness of the product and the aesthetic appearance it provides. Apart from the manufacture of stands, the use of Plexy in advertising is very common. In signboard advertising, we can say that plexy is almost ahead of metal signs. It has gained a serious momentum in stand works compared to the past. As you can see in the images above, our company Envoystands has implemented many successful Plexy Stand applications.