Wooden Stand

Product display stands; These are the platforms that provide products that are needed in many fields to meet the consumers for promotional and exhibition purposes. It is available for production in different sizes and dimensions upon request. As EnvoyStands, we serve you in the field product display stands with many different design models. Our company, which offers solutions in its own in stand production, brings you long-lasting, highly designed and extremely useful stands.

Product display stands attract the attention of the consumer, create selectivity in perception and at the same time enable you to reach many customers; and most importantly, they encourage unplanned purchase.

Wooden stands are raw materials that enable us to meet the demands and expectations of customers.

Product display stands can be produced with a wide range of materials such as metal, plastic and wire. However, none of them will offer a flexible production process like wood. There is great flexibility in wood material design.

Wooden stands are environment friendly, recyclable and durable. The wooden stand is long-lasting and can stand out in retail stores with its natural look. They can be sent assembled or disassembled according to the needs and are suitable for mass production.

Wooden display cases can be made of solid wood, lacquered wood or melamine faced MDF. They are mostly used as floor/midfield stand or desktop/bench stands.

Lacquered wooden stands are extremely attractive in terms of their appearance. In particular, they can be selected for corporate colours that are not available on ready-made colour cards. Lacquer paint is an important product in terms of cost and gives the stand a superior quality appearance. Visual areas are usually kept to a minimum for a premium look, such as the partial placement of the product logo and slogan.

Wooden stands can be the first choice especially in projects where health, nature and sustainability products such as organic food, baby food and snacks are a priority. Wood directly provides integrity with the product.

Melamine faced MDF stands are produced from chipboard with ready colour cards. It is common to use foil printing in visual areas. It is the most advantageous wooden stand type in terms of cost and manufacturing.

Wooden Display Manufacturing

Wooden stands are cut with reclining, CNC bench and table saws, and then screwed or glued. The edges are covered with tapes compatible with colours. Combining different materials with wood enriches the design.

You can see wooden stands especially in cosmetics, jewellery, medicine, food and natural product sales points. It is preferred in small scale projects since there is no need for moulding. Floor and counter stands are widely used.

Wooden Stand is one of the ideal stand models for organizations, various events and product promotions. As Envoystands, we offer you Wooden Stand products with very high quality and original designs.

From our own factories we design and produce Wooden Stand for Turkey and all parts of many other countries. We offer the best workmanship and material guarantee with different modern designs. If there are any requests and changes delivered to our team, they are revised and the Wooden Stand is made ready for production.